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Christian Garcia

Christian Garcia

Fighting for Escondido.

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Dear Escondido,


Like so many other members of our community, my family's story doesn't begin here in the United States. I am the proud son of Mexican immigrants who legally came here in search of better opportunities for my siblings and me. Their pursuit of the American Dream helped me become who I am today. After growing up here in San Diego County, I graduated from UC Irvine and earned a master’s degree in public policy from the University of Southern California. I served in the Peace Corps, teaching English in Cambodia and advancing America’s interests abroad. Since coming home, I have worked as a full-time classroom teacher, mainly teaching high school math and social studies.

My experiences as a teacher led me to run for the Palomar Community College Board. When I stepped up to run, Palomar was in a dire financial situation and the elected board was more interested in playing politics than doing what's best for our students. 


I wasn't going to stand by. I defeated an incumbent board member and was elected by Escondido residents to turn things around. During my time on the board, we leveled out our financial position without going to taxpayers for more money. I led tough negotiations and we began to change the culture at Palomar to focus on student outcomes.


In January 2023, I was approached by many members of our community to apply for the vacant position on the Escondido City Council. I was honored to be appointed by the City Council and to now have the opportunity to serve my community in an even greater capacity.


I am running for a full term on the City Council to continue working on homelessness solutions, public safety, supporting small businesses, and addressing the high cost of living in Escondido.


Escondido is my home. This is the place where my wife and I purchased our first home, and earlier this year, it is where we welcomed our firstborn son. 


I will never stop fighting for Escondido. I hope to earn your support.




Christian Garcia

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Christian's Record.

  • While serving on the Palomar College Board, oversaw the adoption of operational and fiscal improvements that took the district from the “brink of insolvency” to a more healthy financial situation.

  • Supported career-technical education programs at Palomar that create pathways from Palomar to well-paid local jobs.

  • Approved new housing development projects throughout the city for middle-income families.

  • Supported investing in new technology and positions in the Escondido Police Department and Escondido Fire Department.

  • Advocated for housing, mental-health and rehabilitation programs for homeless, to help those in need while protecting our neighborhoods and businesses.

Christian's Priorities.

  • Advance workable homelessness solutions that get people off the streets and into supportive housing that addresses underlying addiction and mental health issues.

  • Protect public safety by making sure police and fire have the resources they need to do their jobs well.

  • Support small businesses by streamlining regulations and investing in our commercial areas.

  • Address the high cost of living by supporting new housing opportunities and opposing tax and fee increases like the proposed county mileage tax.


Christian's Supporters.

Christian has been a bridge builder and dedicated member of the Escondido City Council. He understands the challenges facing Escondido's working families and is working tirelessly to craft solutions. I feel fortunate to serve alongside him on the Council and I strongly support his campaign for a full term.

Dane White

Escondido Mayor

Christian has been a collaborative, diligent colleague to serve with on the City Council. As a teacher and young father, Christian is constantly looking for ways to improve our community for the benefit of future generations. That is the kind of leadership we need on the City Council.

Christian has been a strong voice for our community and will always do what needs to be done to protect and strengthen our neighborhoods. He brings a valuable combination of real-world experience and a fresh perspective to help solve Escondido's toughest problems.

Joe Garcia

Escondido Councilman

Mike Morasco

Escondido Councilman

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Escondido City Treasurer

Tina Inscoe

Escondido Councilwoman (fmr.)

Zesty Harper

Escondido Union School District Board Member

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Escondido Union High School District Board Member

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Escondido Union High School District Board Member

Jacqueline Kaiser

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Vista Mayor

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San Marcos Mayor

Jim Murtland

Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District Board Member

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Rincon Del Diablo Municipal Water District Board Member

Tina Pope

Escondido Union High School District Board Member (fmr.)

Pida Kongphouthone

Chairman of the Lao Americans Organization of San Diego

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